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12 June 2012 @ 07:51 pm
l o c k e d ;  

please leave a comment here if you would like to be my friend
if you don't leave a comment and just add me, I will just ignore your add~
if I don't comment back (soon), either I don't feel like it or I'm just super busy ;D

hello, my name is Karina. (I have zero nicknames, so feel free to make one up for me :D)
my birthday is June12. and hopefully my age doesn't matter, but I'm considered pretty 'young' XD
my fandoms will be shown in my entries so there will be no need to type them all 13 billion of them
personality: lazy, procrasinator, bitch, stubborn, hyper, insecure, sophisticated, frustrating,
I basically have a gazillion flaws (I'm made up of flaws XD)

♥ the only thing I require as you being my LJ friend is talking. I don't care if you don't read all my entries and such, but at least communicate with me? like a 'hey there' or 'happy ____' would be fine. I seriously find it unnecessary to add a silent log as a friend.

&of course I will read your entries (once in a while since I'm very busy)

lets be clear, you DO NOT need to add me to join these communities
masked_angels haseon_x3
credits/resources - awards
✮ ƒishкing: jaejoongie 02xoxoknlove on January 17th, 2010 06:13 am (UTC)
well either way, i like your name D8<

ah, the SHINEE fan. i love both groups (though i've seen many 2PM haters just because they love SHINEE which i find ridiculous)
i'll pay very close attention! well idk why everyone likes Joon. you should go around and spread Mir love! XDDDD

aw~ well i'm sure you will... one day (right?) NO, THANK YOU FOR ADDING ME FIRST :D